Performance Management

School Improvement Partner delivery

Empower your school leaders with the necessary challenge and support to deliver their improvement objectives, deliver on targets, and ensure effective performance management in compliance with statutory guidance.

The role of School Improvement Partner can be instrumental in developing leadership across all levels of the school. Working in a range of settings and contexts, Transform Your School can leverage an in-depth understanding of how different schools operate, what works well, and the types of support schools need, to deliver you better results.

Our up-to-date understanding of the latest Ofsted Framework, DfE guidance, as well as the latest education research, ensures effective performance management that follows best practice in compliance with statutory guidance.

What is a School Improvement Partner?

The School Improvement Partner (SIP) programme, launched in 2004 as part of the Government’s vision to foster greater freedom and autonomy in schools, is centred on empowering school leaders with both challenge and support from experienced professionals well-versed in the nuances of school improvement and leadership.

School Improvement Partners (or SIP) serves as a pivotal contact point for schools, working closely with school leaders to support, challenge, and validate their self-evaluation processes. SIPs play a vital role in facilitating teaching and learning reviews and are instrumental in developing leadership across all levels within the educational institution.

SIPs are also equipped to provide external advisory services, fulfilling statutory requirements such as the Headteacher Appraisal process, thereby aiding Governors in conducting robust and effective appraisals.

They offer comprehensive support, including an appraisal handbook and pay advice, ensuring that the process is thorough and tailored to the specific needs of the school.

Why choose Transform Your School?

As a School Improvement Partner, Transform your School will always be:

Honest: You’ll hear what you need to know, rather than what you might want to hear.

Respectful: I build rapport and credibility quickly and my relationships are authentic and real.  Positive relationships and mutual respect are key to being able to deliver even challenging messages in a positive way that will enable school colleagues to see a way forward.

Incisive & Evaluative: I can work at a fast pace and am able to distil findings into a few pithy key messages about strengths, areas for development, and recommendations about what to do next to drive improvement.

Accountable: I hold myself accountable for my decisions and actions and submit myself to the scrutiny necessary to ensure this.

The focus of a School Improvement Partner is based on the needs of each school, and their current objectives. Typical areas of work include:

Headteacher Appraisal

Act as an external adviser to fulfil the statutory requirements of the Headteacher Appraisal process to support Governors through the process.  Governors are provided with our annually updated appraisal handbook, pay advice and are supported to ensure the process is robust and meets the needs of the school.

School Health Check

Whether used in preparation for an Ofsted inspection, for an annual audit of progress or used as an external, objective review of a specific area, a confidential review of progress is a valuable tool that can be supportive, informative and empowering. This enables schools to be informed, aware and prepared.  Schools may choose to seek pre-inspection support which includes support for self-evaluation, support in completing a high-quality Self Evaluation Form (SEF), and support to improve key areas of the school’s work.

Governors Skills Audit

The National Governors Association recommends that skills audits are completed on an annual basis and by new governors/trustees on joining the board. SIPs support governors and trustees to assess their board’s strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement  – to determine overall competence in a range of areas, areas where further development is needed, and individual development needs

Pupil Premium Review

Rigorous audit of teaching and learning, curriculum and outcomes, and leadership with a sharp focus on the experience of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds or with additional needs to inform impactful next steps and best practice

The governors came away really energised and enthusiastic about strategic change.  They are clearly developing as a body and our meetings with Charlotte’s training do have a greater sense of strategic purpose and pertinent challenge now.  The SLT and our SIP really believe that your work will help move the school forward.

Headteacher, Cheslyn Hayes Primary School, Stafford

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